I want my brand to be different and to Stand Out!


Differentiating your brand from competitors can generate a 15,9% increase in your brand growth.

However, standing out in a cluttered marketplace is one of the biggest challenges that executives face at the moment. Without the visibility, their businesses struggle to attract customers and generate growth.

“Our competitors sell a similar product but at a lower price. Our products are better but customers go for the lower price. We cannot afford to cut our prices and lose profitability.”

“We are a family business. Our competitors are big corporations. We do not have their marketing budget to support our brand. We need to differentiate from them to attract customers.”

Our products are a commodityWe have invested in innovation but competitors are quick to copy. We tried to upgrade our communication but it didn’t work as expected. We need to totally re-think our brand.”

Is your business really growing?
Or is just lots of workload?

The good news is that you can design your business to be different and stand out. You can bake what makes it unique into everything you offer and every message you bring to the market.

Introducing BRANDSHINE

A 5 step method for re-designing your brand, to create greater differentiation, become more visible and generate growth.

It is for those who want a ‘recipe’ that has proven successful, saving time and energy needed to figure out on your own WHAT and HOW you need to do things to stand out in your industry.

It helps you answer a simple question ‘WHY would customers buy from you and not from the competitors?’

There are templates, exercises and case studies to structure your thinking, inspire you and help you take the hard decisions. It’s fast and efficient, with minimum interruption to your daily activities.

At the end, you have 2 things: a Big Idea for your brand and an Action Plan to bring the Big Idea to life through communication, innovation or customer service.

What the Magic Pencil team has to say after a BRANDSHINE workshop.

“We are a family own company and we often compete with big corporations on the global market. We wanted to have clarity on what makes us different and how we can break through a commoditised industry. In a one day BRANDSHINE workshop (…)”

Nicolas Gehring ,Vice Chairmain

Produits Dentaires

Global dental products company

The 5 core pillars of the Brandshine Method


Understand your Dream Customers and the ability to add value to them in a highly meaningful way.


Use your knowledge of competitors to identify white spots and break with the industry patterns.


Identify or create the strengths that offer your brand a competitive advantage and help you differentiate meaningfully.


Articulate in one actionable statement how you are different and why customers will buy from you and not from competition.


Build a detailed action plan to leverage your differentiation in communications, sales, innovation and customer service.

Decide to take charge of your business growth

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